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Hydraulic cylinders, power pack and accessories

We specialise in fabricated hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power packs which are made at par with international standards. The cylinders are recognised for their high functionality and are available in different capacities. They are made from non-reactive material, which makes them ideal for usage in engineering and process industries.

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Cooling towers and heat exchangers

We at Unitek Hydraulics offer cooling towers and heat exchangers for industrial processes. The cooling towers are designed to cool industrial recycled process water from 50 degrees to a lower temperature. The inlet water pressure rotates the sprinkler to disperse water uniformly over the media. Once the air passes through the fill media, portion of the water is evaporated and removes heat from the remaining water.

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Die and moulds

If you have a die and mould shop, it is important to have the right machine with the right technology. We offer high-speed die and mould machines that reduce the cycle time and lead time and lower labour costs. It helps in processing long, complex mould programs at extremely fast speeds. This high-performance machine helps in reducing total operating costs.

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